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Ways to Keep Wasps Away

Wasp always know how to ruin a barbeque,Guest Posting picnic or your chill time outdoors. Not only are they annoying, their sting is also very painful and to some it can cause an allergic reaction. There are many repellents; homemade and market bought to keep the wasps away. You can always call the Pest Control if the problem is too much for you to handle. Here are some of the best way how to get rid of wasps away.

Make your home anti-wasp

The best way to keep wasps from entering your Wasp nest removal home is by sealing any openings; mainly the holes in the screen or through drill holes through which power line has been passed. Patching up all the holes will ensure you house is free of wasps. If you come across a wasp nest in any of the holes don’t just fill it up as some wasp can chew through the fillings and enter your house. Instead call Pest Control to get rid of the nest and then only patch up the hole.

Food wastes attract wasps and garbage cans with a lot of wastes will be an open invitation for them. To keep the wasps from coming use a garbage can with a lid and don’t forget to put in on after use.

Wasp are usually attracted to sweet smelling things. So avoid keeping sweet things in the open.

If you go on a picnic, clean up immediately after you are done and dispose the waste properly. Pack up any leftovers and seal it. Doing so will surely keep the wasps away.


Use of repellents


You can make a natural wasp repellent at home using clove, geranium and lemongrass oil. Mix a drop of all three in a spray can and then add water with a few drops of dish washer. Shake well and your homemade wasp repellent is ready for use. Spray in wasps’ prone area like the porch roofs and under eaves. You can always buy the readymade wasps repellent from a local store.

There are some plants that act like a natural wasp repellent. Growing them in your front or backyard will help you to get rid of the wasps problem. Thyme, marigold, lemongrass, mint and eucalyptus make your yard pretty and also repel wasps.

Another easy way to keep the wasp away is by hanging a decoy nest in front and back of your house which makes the whole house wasp proof. It is 100% effective as wasps usually are territorial and build a nest 20 feet away from the other one.


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